The use of electric vehicles offers a number of indisputable advantages over vehicles with internal combustion engine, some of them are:

  • Generates significant energy cost savings if we compare the use of fossil fuel (approx. 6€/100 km) with the use of electricity (approx. 1.8€ / 100 km).
  • Reduce the direct consumption of fossil fuels.
  • Contribute to environmental improvement by reducing the generation of greenhouse gases and also reducing the levels of noise pollution.
  • It fits perfectly to the media-vehicle tours in the islands, can optimize the use of electricity due to the topography of them.
  • Allow the optimization of the production of renewable energy since, in addition to using energy from them, they can act as stabilizers system from storage batteries.
  • There are plans to grant for the purchase of electric vehicles that make more viable purchase by reducing the initial outlay and add it to savings in energy consumption.

The network of charging points Canarias, through its implementation and management system and interactive platform offers a number of additional advantages:

  • Coverage throughout the Canary Islands with optimization implanted distances between points.
  • Interactive network of charging stations for electric vehicles with real-time information existing points, reservation status, charging systems …
  • Secure payment gateway: payment management with various systems that facilitate the choice of the method that best suits the needs of each user.
  • Generator ecological routes, cargo managers finder, finder rental companies electric vehicles, and other …
  • Counseling electric mobility (PDR’s / GDC / Fleet / Renting / Feasibility).

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