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  • Charging stations for public use of CanariasTeRecarga.com represent the indispensable support to users by allowing refills route across the geography of the archipelago increasing the number of available kilometers each way.

    The availability of an optimized network is a stimulus and the disappearance of the “anxiety recharge”, the fear that the users can feel to stay without charge in the batteries of your vehicle and away from a charging point, fear not having a real correspondence considering the usual vehicle halfway in our islands, much less than the battery capacity for most daily commutes. Anyway, CanariasTeRecarga.com, based on a forecast of 84 charging points in 2016, establishes a gradual growth to reach reach 20,668 in 2030, distributing them based on a rationalization of the distances between them and density of use, optimizing needs recharging vehicles.

    In existing estimates, it is proposed that 60% of public charging stations are located in shopping malls, public car parks, car parks operated by companies and/or gas stations, and 40% on public roads.

    The equipment of charging stations CanariasTeRecarga.com supplies electricity in different ways, depending on the characteristics developed by the manufacturers, and which can be grouped generically in three models serving to recharge the vehicle speed existing versions fixed to wall and installed versions monopoles.


    It is the most standardized and accepted by all manufacturers of electric vehicles, suitable mainly for homes, businesses and hotels, where vehicles are parked for long hours. The full charge time is between 6 and 8 hours are single phase AC and accept the following types of connectors:
    • CEE 7/4 (Schuko), 240 VAC, 16 A
    • Tipo 2 a 16 o 32A en monofásica


    Currently only it is accepted by some electric vehicles but is expected to soon be another common possibility of recharging. They are located mainly on public roads and shopping centers. Full recharge time is between 3 and 4 hours, are three-phase AC and support the following connectors:
    • Tipo 2 11kww a 22kw a 400 VAC y 16A o 32A


    Burgeoning longer term for its major complications, some electric vehicles currently only accept it and in its current mode. They are located mainly in stations reporting and fleet parking areas. Full charge time varies between 15 and 30 minutes and can be AC or DC. Accepted connectors are the following:
    • Chademo y CSS en Continua hasta 50kw
    • Tipo 2 400 VAC a 63A

  • The recharge process in CanariasTeRecarga.com points is extremely simple. Through our website you can be located on an interactive map points closest recharge and check the number and types of connectors and time availability thereof, also having the possibility of booking recharging stations chosen for the hour deemed necessary.

    Once located and booked the charging point, you just have to approach it at the selected time, park in the space reserved for that purpose and connect the vehicle with through the appropriate connector. To do this, the computer installed at the same point recharge prompt the user identification key that previously you will have been provided when booking.

    This whole process is managed by an intelligent charge control system, completely safe and easy to handle available on our website and is responsible for:

    • User Identification
    • Register User parking time
    • Level required load
    • Apply rate as time and energy
    • Identify need time charging and electric vehicles
    • Adapt user demand/energy available
    • Transmit load modulation order
    • Management of use/availability of charging points

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