Belonging to the network of recharging points offers a number of interesting advantages to institutions and companies. These include:


    • Being part of the first interactive Canarian network of charging stations for electric vehicles.
    • Actively participate in the diversification of the economy of the islands.
    • Responding to customer demand, consumers or investors.
    • Improved company image through recognition by customers and entities of environmental certifications.
    • Provide opening the doors of new technologies to society.

    • Contribute to improving air quality while reducing emissions of gases harmful to health and carbon footprint
    • Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions (greenhouse effect).
    • Sulphur dioxide (SO2) (acid rain, asthma, …).
    • Nitrogen oxides (NOx) (eye irritation and respiratory system).
    • Aldehydes (Benzene and Formaldehyde) (irritation, dermatitis, dizziness).
    • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) (Probability of cancer).
    • Soot and diesel particles (DPM, are deposited in the lungs).

    • Promotion through interactive maps occurrence information for users of electric vehicles.
    • Expand service offering citizens and tourists.
    • Being part of the charging promoted in ecological recommended tours Rent-A-Car.
    • Possibility of direct benefit through the payment for the sale of bonds at the end for the use of network users.
    • Payment gateway for payments and collections management, access control and billing for end users.
    • Increased revenue through increased consumption derived timeout by the user.
    • Diversification and expansion of range of services …

    Case 1: I haven’t a PDR:

    Install a charging point (PDR), public or private, through our associated installers. (Request a quote, there is a possibility of financing).

    Commitment annual maintenance recharging stations.

    Private PDR:

    – Provide current supply bill which will connect the PDR.

    Public PDR:

    – New connection and parking space with public accessibility is required.

    – temporarily lease to manage recharging stations and parking.

    Case 2: I have a PDR:

    In this case you will be offered only in the network integration with all the benefits that entails.

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